The Philosophy

“All of the wines I create, are the product of my passion and willingness to better myself and which lead me to advanced oenological research in order to promote my territory. I use my imagination to put into practice the physics and biology rules, intervening with natural means. A long way from chemistry!

When the moment is right, I let the grapes marinate in the wine most, I know I could attain a fuller bodied product, but I am careful of the bitterness, the acidity and the tannin substances. If I could crush the grapes one by one by hand, I would obtain an even higher extract, with a lower pH, buffered and above all a more durable wine.

To develop the typical thiol perfumes from aromatic grapes for example our Malvasia di Candia, I have to harvest the grapes before the sun burns the flavours and head straight for the cellar and vinify within two hours, protecting the grapes from oxygenation, extract the juice very delicately and protect the harmony”.

Since April 2023 Podere Pavolini has been associated with the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers

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