Like the wind, you feel its voice… you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes. In turmoil, you speak to me inside, and I am content.

Zero systemic pesticides, zero added sulfites, zero sugar, zero bitterness, zero volatility, zero odors: plenty of good aromas, soft bubbles, silky acidity.

It’s not my “top” wine, but simply my base wine. It’s the beginning of a new era (2021), the result of 40 years of research for a similar wine. The added value? If you don’t feel like drinking it today, you can drink it in 20 or more years and hear the voice of God speaking within you.

VARIETY: 90% black grapes (Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon), 10% Ortrugo

APPELLATION: table wine

TYPE: sparkling white wine refermented in the bottle, “Weiss Wine”

PRODUCTION: organic – certified IT-BIO-004 (operator code 35294)


HARVEST: strictly manual in 20 kg crates, for purely scientific purposes.

VINIFICATION: it is the cornerstone in the production of the base wine. Fundamental principles:

  • the grape is not homogeneous but terribly heterogeneous. As Emile Peynaud (1912-2004, French enologist and researcher, pioneer of modern oenology) wrote, in the endocarp (the innermost part of the grape), the acidity is very high, while in the epicarp (the part closest to the skin), the acidity is very low. The skin is rich in everything, but for taste balance, some elements such as potassium and calcium, which salify tartaric acid, and tannins that cause protein precipitation, are extremely negative. So what do we do? We rigorously crush the grape with our thumb and index finger;
  • with the thumb and index finger, we obtain musts that are much more acidic, allowing the malolactic fermentation, crucial for developing a more refined taste;
  • with the thumb and index finger, we solve the problem of bitterness because by staying away from the skin, we stay away from bitter tannins;
  • with the thumb and index finger, at the end of our process, we have many noble proteins responsible for the bubbles that melt in the mouth.

What does the thumb and index finger mean? It means crushing the grape with two cloths and is undoubtedly the gentlest pressing ever. To give you an idea, it means pressing red grapes to obtain white must without using charcoal, with a yield of over 60%.

Only NOLM can achieve this extraction.

This press is exclusively owned by Podere Pavolini.

 BOTTLING: May 2022, zero disgorgement

 BOTTLE AGING: infinite

Da aprile 2023 Podere Pavolini è associato alla Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti

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